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Creatively Human

For those who don't have a creative bone in their bodies:

I've been guilty of believing that about myself.  I know I'm not alone in this.  Many of the rather unusual people I work and play with could, at times, feel right at home being called a 'starving artist'


. . . except for the artist part.


I've reconsidered this.


Here's what I think now:


As I've peeled back the 'can't' layers - can't paint, sing, play saxophone, sculpt, dance, design buildings, write poetry, conduct orchestras or even craft a gourmet spread for two people - I've discovered that creativity does not need a medium other than my humanity.


And I believe this to be the case for many intuitive and relational beings.

In my work as a psychodynamic therapist, I weave history with present - helping another human to craft a life that works. 


In somatic therapy work, my eyes photograph the subtle communication of facial gestures or frozen throats. Intuition and emotional sensitivity shape and pace the work. 


The work is colored by enthusiasm, with vivid patterns of humor and empathy. 


And, like all art, there is passion and flow.  


I now see that I have unconsciously filled my life with creative people - although most have not (yet) embraced that description. 

I think it's time!


The labels we wear for the sake of conversation aren't important.  What we share are complexities, intuition, emotional sensitivities, deeply held values and an ability to combine those in fluid ways.  That . . . surely . . . is creativity.


 What fun! 


An artist colony!


Bohemia without leaving home. 

But I think I need help getting the gallery sorted out . . .

 (Top image is a Photo by Luc van Loon on Unsplash  

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  1. “…creativity does not need a medium other than my humanity…” Yes! And maybe as therapists we could also say that our medium is the psyche. Loved the “starving artist without the artist.” Ha! I’m going to have to check out more of this blog of yours!

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