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I work with:

individuals of all ages




Available via Skype or telephone anywhere.

In person in Auckland NZ

(and elsewhere by arrangement)

Sessional fees are between $100 and $150NZ

(sliding scale)

Allow for at least a FULL HOUR.  Depending on circumstances we may decide to do double (longer) sessions.  We’ll discuss this together.

My practice is intentionally flexible.  Some people find a standard weekly session useful.  For others,  longer sessions, less often, is best.

And things change.  I will undertand your needs, and offer my advice on how we work together.


A mini-workshop can be a very useful adjunct to individual sessions.  This allows us to include the people who are important to you. This can be a great way to:

teach and practice effective communication skills

show family and friends how to support someone in therapy

develop group cohesion

facilitate repair and healing in relationships

When I was brave and chose a new therapist, Maggie,  I finally realised what it meant to feel understood. Never before has someone truly “got me” in all my crazy mad glory.