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Here are some questions I've been asked, and my answers:

Q: How do I know that you are the right person for me?

A:   Right now, you may be thinking 'maybe'. A good next step is to call or email. We may decide to get together or talk via phone or skype. We'll soon know if we're a good fit. I offer that time free of charge because it's important to both of us.

Q:   What do you mean by therapy, counseling and coaching?

A:   The different terms can be confusing.  I"ve had training in all, and here is how I think about my work:


Therapy is deep work - looking at longstanding and perhaps unconscious habits, ways of being in the world that may have been useful but aren't serving you well anymore. The work is to bring it to awareness.  Counseling is more about what's happening right now - negotiating life's tricky bits. When I Coach, my aims are to inspire, motivate, clarify and support. And often there is room for all three.

Q:   Have you always worked with 'problems'?

A:   I always work with growth. Some of the people I work with come because they see opportunities for joy, and they want support along THAT journey. And often, the work with 'problems' becomes joyful. My work with gifted adults is always a process of wonderful discovery.

Q:   Do you have experience working with serious issues?

A:   Yes. To name a few: grief, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, domestic violence, serious disability, chronic illness, sexual abuse, depression.  I also work with families and partners.  If in doubt, please ask. I'm honest.

Q:   Do you have experience with families?

A:   Yes. I run workshops for parents, have sessions that include family members, work with spouses- together and separately, and set up 'circles of support' in crises. I have also been in hundreds of family homes - my work is not always done in an office.

Q: What do you mean by 'gifted'?

A:  A word that no one really likes.  For me, it means a person who is intelligent in many ways (not always book-smart), emotionally and physically sensitive, likely highly intuitive, and thinks/feels/understands complexity.  Often the word "TOO" has been applied.  Too sensitive, too curious, too serious...

There is little awareness of giftedness in adults, and misdiagnosis is a problem. Working with gifted people requires different approaches and understanding. It's one of my areas of specialty.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.  It's a good way to find out if we are a good 'fit'.