“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”



I understand trauma in all its forms. I use a wholistic perspective, including neurology, emotions, your body & beliefs. And I know how to work with trauma without retraumatizing. This is important!


I also specialize in working with complex, relational, and cumulative trauma (often known as C-PTSD).  I write, present and teach about that topic.  

Out-0f_The-Box: Creative, Quirky, Gifted, ADHD-ish, neuro (and otherwise) diverse adults …

I understand the challenges & joys of what some now call neuro-atypical adults.  I prefer to think of neurodiversity – ALL diversity –  like biodiversity – the wonderful range of beings.

My clinical work includes out-of-the-box adults, and  twice-exceptionality (2e) where, for example,  anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, ADHD or executive dysfunction &/or dyslexia might mask or interact with the complexities of being highly intelligent, sensitive, creative and a complex thinker (what I call giftedness).


This is one of my specialist clinical areas. I write, research, teach and present about these and other related topics.

Mind Body Approach:  the Biopsychosocial

Our minds are not separate from our bodies. And we exist in social contexts.  My strong background in neuroscience and psychology means I understand and work with the whole.


I have extensive training in body and neuro-psychotherapy, plus I collaborate widely with other medical and health professionals. There are a whole host of chronic functional disorders that are not well understood (yet).  This is another of my specialty interest areas.

1:1 Sessions


I work online globally, and also face-to-face in Auckland, NZ. My practice is intentionally flexible.  Some people find a standard weekly session useful. For others, longer sessions, less often, is best.

I have limited availability but I encourage you to connect.  We may well be the right fit.


My fee is $190 per session, which is usually an hour.  Sometimes we may finish in slightly less time, but rarely!

If we agree to have longer sessions at times, consider the rate to be hourly.

Please ask me about payment options.



A workshop is transformative learning at its best – very small groups & strong facilitation. I have created and facilitated workshops for over 30 years for organizations, businesses, families, & special interest groups.

Chronic Functional Disorders:

2024:  I am putting together a series of workshops for those who experience a chronic functional disorder, have (currently or in the recent past) solid 1:1 therapeutic support and are interested in extending their learning, and  recovery process, in a small group.

If that is you, or someone you know, please contact me for more information.


  • Learn & practice effective communication skills
  • Develop group cohesion
  • Facilitate repair & healing in relationships
  • Use the power of group to support personal growth
  • Experience something new – art therapy, meditation, Virtues Project, etc.
  • Use the power of group to support personal growth
  • And more...

Please get in touch for rates on workshops and training

Clinical Supervision & Training


I provide clinical supervision & professional mentoring – in-person & online.   Please contact me if you are interested. 

I also offer 1:1 & small group training in my various areas of expertise.  These training opportunities usually arise from conversations, so if you have an interest, please be in touch!



Drop by Drop

This presentation & interactive session provides a unique opportunity for  creative, gifted or otherwise ‘out of the box’ adults to reflect on their experiences of being viewed as ‘different’, & how that has shaped their sense of who they are in the world. It also provides a new lens for health practitioners.

I introduce the concepts of ‘cumulative relational trauma’   and C-PTSD as ways to understand the origin of some emotional ups & downs, & relational difficulties. This workshop is of interest to people who are curious about their sense of not-fitting, & who want to move forward. It is also useful for clinicians & others wanting to increase their awareness of the impact of early & cumulative trauma, & useful therapeutic interventions.



Want to know more?

You may well have questions.  Feel free to contact me via email.  And I’ve also included answers to some of the common questions I have come across. Check the FAQ if you haven’t already.

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