Guts, grimaces and Undetermined Outcomes: Celebrating Emotions that Propel

Let’s celebrate those often-unheralded moments of courage when someone simply puts one foot in front of the other...

Waking up today in New Zealand

When I was 10 years old, someone wise beyond my understanding at the time – a Sunday School teacher in a United Church...

Love, knowledge & the courage to say no to what is unbearable

Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life...

Creatively Human

For those who don’t have a creative bone in their bodies: I’ve been guilty of believing that about myself. I know I’m not alone in this...

The Importance of Being (Aware)

I know that I drive those around me crazy with my talk of giftedness in adults. “Gifted kids grow up”...

Othering & Belonging Institute

Here are their goals:

Advancing multidisciplinary research, analysis, policy, and strategic narrative

Their research examines the structural and cultural impediments to opportunity that limit full inclusion and block benefits derived from an equitable society.

Building relationships among diverse groups and across disciplines

Research efforts are aligned with the needs of community organizers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Community-centered collaborations help inform research.

Employing communications and culture to illuminate research and impact policy

Their communications and cultural work goes beyond messaging to engage in a battle of big ideas, to take command of how a debate, such as the entire concept of public space or citizenship, is framed in public discourse in order to construct and employ new narratives.

Making a difference

The model allows work to happen in different ways, and at a different scale.  This counters the ‘capacity’ that make many of our most important issues seem intractable.

Here's a better description

Your Rainforest Mind

A wonderful blog by Paula Prober – another therapist interested in unusual people.


Connecting with others who know.

On Being

A movement, a conversation, a podcast, a community.  One of the few newsletters and podcasts that I subscribe to and routinely engage with.

ON BEING has helped me feel hopeful, inspired and ‘not crazy’ as I try to contribute and stay health.  For me, that includes engaging with big questions:

What does it mean to be human? 

How do we want to live? 

And who will we be to each other?

Here are examples of how On Being engages with those questions and more.

Dumbo Feather

Exceptional people, connecting exceptional people. Dumbo Feather magazine has now evolved into a living community of engaged citizens co-creating a hopeful future through the work of Small Giants Academy.

Head here to be amazed!



Soul of the Community

Soul of the Community study explored how residents feel about their communities. The study’s results offer creative new ways to approach community development. Community leaders can use the study’s findings to maximise their community’s strengths and address challenges that may improve residents’ satisfaction and help draw talented workers to their city.

Learn how simple it is to create the community YOU want to live in. Where you are!

Charter for Compassion

Charter for Compassion provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide. Their vision is to create a world where everyone is committed to living by the principle of compassion. Their mission is to bring to life the principles articulated in the Charter for Compassion through concrete, practical action in a myriad of sectors.

Well-being on a Global Scale. Lovely!


I offer to you an open mind and heart.

I have aimed to keep things simple and if you feel ready to get in touch please do not hesitate to do so. Questions are welcome. I am open and honest.

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