Love, knowledge & the courage to say no to what is unbearable

From Bertrand Russell (1975)

Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life;

the longing for love,the search for knowledge,and an unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

These passions, like the great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course,over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair. . . .

This is what I sought, and though it might seem too good for human life, this is what—at last—I have found.

From me

May we step into what is ahead of us with the courage to live a moral life, and the willingness to support others to do the same.

May we use our energy and abilities for the greater good.

May ‘busy’ come to mean connected.

Please, may enough of us exercise discernment and choice, and may we recognize choice as a moral responsibility – a gift that carries with it the duty to support those who suffer.

May we embrace difference

rethink disorder

make conscious decisions about what is tolerable

May we act TOGETHER on what is intolerable.

“Moving forward – one quirky step at a time!” — Maggie Brown