Registered Psychotherapist

Certified Transactional Analyst

Counselor & Coach

 Psychology Researcher & Lecturer

I facilitate positive growth around the world – through psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, workshops & more. I work online globally, and in-person in Auckland, NZ.


Where we can focus together:

My work covers a wide range of issues, intentions and situations, including:

  • Trauma: PTSD & C-PTSD
  • Affect Regulation*
  • Gifted, Creative & Quirky Adults
  • Executive Functions (including related to ADHD)
  • Anxiety & depression 
  • Grief, loss & adjustment
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Chronic functional disorders

and more . . .

An example of my work:


Affect regulation therapy (ART) is based on the latest knowledge from the neurosciences.  It improves emotion regulation skills & executive functions by giving you more control over responses to, for example, stress/tension, fear, depressed mood, guilt & anger.

With YOUR nervous and endocrine systems in mind, together we work toward permanent change in how your entire mind/body system responds – giving you CHOICE. That means working with what is conscious, & also what has been out of your awareness.

The work is tailored to your individual preferences & needs.  And to your specific nervous system.


A life dedicated to learning.

Over the 40 years I’ve been working & studying, my approach has grown in line with new information.  I’ve added new ideas to my solid foundation in the basics – how our brains work, how early & later trauma impacts our minds & bodies, the importance of culture, beliefs & relationships, human diversity, & the many different developmental ages/stages of life. I love the complexity!

Something I learned along the way is that positive growth is possible for everyone, anytime. Here are some of the ways I work:

1:1 sessions (in person and online)

Group work


Professional supervision

International speaker

University lecturer

Private professional training and mentoring

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It's possible...

My own journey has included ups, downs & everything in between. There are many valuable things I’ve learned along the way. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that positive change is possible. Anytime.

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You may have questions.

There is a lot to think about when deciding who is best to share you thoughts, feelings and curiosities with. Here are some of the questions I’ve answered over the years:

  • What do you specialise in?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you work online? (yes btw)
  • How do we begin?
  • What is giftedness & why do you use that word?
  • Do you have experience with trauma? (again, yes)
  • How do you get to know to about my nervous system?
  • And more...
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Some thoughts…

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